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Tutela methodology updates

Working with regulators to improve the world’s internet

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Keeping up with LTE in Chile

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The synergy of two mobile operators in Malaysia

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Measuring end-to-end performance for mobile networks: the impact of the CloudFront BBR rollout

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DACH - Network experience across the largest 15 cities

How Portugal’s networks respond to tourist traffic in some of the most popular holiday destinations

Mapping T-Mobile’s 600 Mhz rollout

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Get full 4G signal but slow data connection? Here's why.

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Mexico - Network congestion across the largest 10 cities

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Network Improvement: Tracking 4G Deployments in Germany

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Norway Market Snapshot

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India - Network experience across the largest 10 cities

DACH - State of Mobile Networks

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Correlating data usage and network congestion

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Nordics - Network experience across the 13 largest cities

Mexico - State Of Mobile Networks

Uruguay Market Snapshot

USA - Network experience across the largest 10 cities

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Argentina Market Snapshot

Italy Market Snapshot

Brazil: Claro and Vivo lead speeds as TIM top latency

MWC 2019 Live Network Performance Dashboard

Mexico has room for significant improvements in service quality

India - State of Mobile Networks

How crowdsourced data holds the key to 5G

Chile: Entel leads speeds as WOM improves stability

Austria: 3 lead download speeds as A1 top upload and latency

Singapore - State of Mobile Networks

France: Orange top stability and speeds

Super Bowl LIII: Fastest Network Results

Southeast Asia - State of Mobile Networks

Super Bowl LIII

Switzerland: Swisscom top speeds and latency

Nordics - State of Mobile Networks

USA: Verizon lead 4G download speeds in our December 2018 testing

Canada: Videotron lead latency across the country

Brazil: TIM top latency as Claro lead overall speeds

Belgium: Proximus lead speeds as Orange perform best for latency and stability

Bolivia: Entel fastest on 4G but Tigo top average speeds

UK: EE increase their average download speed lead

Spectrum analysis: Diversity is the name of the game for AT&T

Mexico: Movistar perform best for download speeds in October

Can operators offer Fixed Wireless Access without degrading mobile performance?

USA: Verizon and T-Mobile lead speeds in our latest tests

Portugal: Vodafone leads 4G speeds as MEO tops 3G

Spectrum analysis: Why Sprint's 2.5 GHz spectrum is key to T-Mobile's future

Canada: Bell lead speeds as Videotron top latency

O2 Network Outage- What we know so far

Germany: O2 lags as Telekom and Vodafone top download speeds

Venezuela: Digitel's 4G network delivers fastest average download speeds

Spectrum analysis - how Verizon’s diverse spectrum holdings are the key to success

The role of spectrum in Spain’s 5G future

Should we allow shared access to 5G spectrum?

Italy: TIM lead network tests between August and October

Peru: Entel lead speeds as Bitel performs well for network stability

Measuring the impact of spectrum investment

Guatemala: Movistar top our download speed tests for September

Mexico: Movistar and Telcel lead speeds as AT&T top latency

France: Orange lead speeds and stability

How MVNOs compare to Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint

Brazil: Vivo overtake Claro for 4G download speeds

Introducing Consistent Quality - measuring more than just speed

UK: EE is still the fastest network, Three sees improvements

US Mobile LTE Network Quality 2018

Canada: Freedom Mobile perform best for latency and upload speeds

Argentina: Movistar and Personal perform for speeds as Claro tops latency

Germany: Telekom and Vodafone lead speeds, O2 top latency

Measuring 4G LTE mobile experience across Chile in September

Peru: Entel lead speeds and latency

5G will require a new approach to monitoring and verification

Colombia: Tigo lead upload and download speeds

Italy: TIM and Vodafone lead our latest network tests

What we can learn from relative cell sizes

Brazil: TIM tops latency as Claro performs best for 4G

France: Orange stay ahead to lead our latest tests

Spain: Movistar lead speeds as Vodafone drop to fourth place

Mexico: Movistar top download speeds as Telcel lead upload

The impact so far of Telefonica's £500M UK spectrum investment

Chile: Entel dominate speeds and latency

Canada: Bell and Telus lead download speeds as Freedom tops latency

Germany: Telekom and Vodafone race to lead mobile speeds

Guatemala: Tigo top latency as Movistar and Claro lead speeds

Italy: TIM leads speeds whilst Vodafone top our latency findings

Argentina: Movistar and Personal lead network performance in our latest tests

UK: EE continue to lead real world download speeds as Vodafone top latency

Spain: Network speeds plunge as data usage surges during summer

Peru: Entel head our real world tests

Colombia: Tigo lead download speeds and latency in our latest tests

France: Orange dominate speed tests and stability

Spain: Movistar lead download speeds and stability, whilst Vodafone perform best in latency

Comparing mobile experience throughout Brazil

Bolivia: Tigo top 3G and 4G speeds in our latest report

Mexico: Movistar and Telcel top network performance tests

Germany: Vodafone and Telekom lead speeds whilst O2 perform best for latency

Italy: TIM lead download speeds whilst Vodafone head our latency charts

Canada: Bell and Telus lead download speeds

Chile: Entel report the quickest speeds but WOM outshines for latency

France: Orange dominate our latest network tests

United States: Verizon dominate download speeds, T-Mobile lead upload

UK Mobile Experience - Who is better and where?

Guatemala: Claro top upload speeds in our latest tests

Brazil: Claro deliver fastest download and upload speeds

Spain: Movistar lead download speeds and network stability tests

Argentina: Movistar overtake Personal to lead download speeds

Canada: Bell top download speeds, Rogers lead in Alberta

Peru: Entel top performance overall in our latest tests

United Kingdom: EE lead download speeds whilst O2 perform best for upload speeds in Scotland

Colombia: Tigo top latency and download speeds whilst Movistar lead upload

United States: Verizon continue to lead our download speed tests

Bolivia: Entel lead our latency results

Germany: Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone lead our speed tests

Mexico: AT&T lead our latest speed tests

Bell is the quickest mobile network across Canada

TIM delivers fastest download speeds for Italy

Entel are the fastest network in Chile

Free Mobile provides best latency results in France

Verizon lead the big four operators across the US

Tigo deliver the fastest latency for Guatemala

Movistar leads download speeds in Spain

Bell tops download speeds for Canada

EE leads download speeds and latency in the UK

Brazil: Claro lead download speeds with TIM outperforming on latency

Germany: Telekom and Vodafone top download speeds

United States: Verizon and T-Mobile lead speed

Argentina: Personal tops download speeds with Movistar a close second

Colombia: Tigo delivers best speeds but suffers from 4G jitter

Turkey: Turkcell provides best download speeds – Vodafone leads 4G upload in some major regions

Italy: TIM dominates speed – but Vodafone leading latency

Peru: Entel delivers best 3G & 4G speeds – but Movistar matches 4G latency

Chile: WOM delivers fastest mobile speeds but suffers from packet loss

UK: Vodafone delivers highest network stability

Mexico: AT&T fastest overall but Movistar takes 4G lead

Canada: Bell and Telus providing best speeds- but Freedom's 4G delivered highest stability

Apple dominates despite absence at MWC 2018

Colombia: Close network speed race among Tigo, Movistar, and Claro

Spain: Movistar tops the speed stakes

Italy: TIM provides its users with best network performance

Australia: Vodafone provides best speeds

UK: EE clear leader in network performance speeds

Bolivia: Tigo leads on network speeds while Entel provides best overall quality

Live Mobile Network Performance Dashboard - MWC 2018

Guatemala: Tigo delivers best overall quality

Mexico: Telcel and AT&T best quality, but high 4G speeds from Movistar

Chile: Entel and WOM lead on network performance

USA: Verizon leads on speed but T-Mobile delivers best overall 4G quality

France: Orange provides best 3G and 4G speed but SFR delivers best overall network performance

Germany: Telekom leads on network speed

Super Bowl 2018: Live Mobile Network Performance

Brazil: Claro delivers the fastest 3G and 4G speeds in December

Meet us at Mobile World Congress 2018

Vodafone delivered the best overall network performance quality in Australia

Turkcell delivers best 4G speeds, but Vodafone leads on overall network quality

EE dominates network performance across the UK

TIM continues to dominate in the Italian mobile market

AT&T leads in overall network quality

Chile: Entel delivers the best 4G speeds - 20% faster than other providers

Claro delivers fastest overall download speed in a close race with TIM during November

Mobile operators SFR and Orange almost equal for 4G speeds 

Movistar delivers best 4G speeds in Guatemala but Tigo tops overall network performance

TIM delivers fastest average mobile internet speeds across Italy, Vodafone struggles with packet loss

Entel dominates overall mobile network quality in Peru overall, but not across all regions

Tigo and Claro deliver similar mobile quality in Colombia, but Movistar lags behind

Spain's Movistar delivers fastest 4G speeds in tight race with competitors

Telekom is the fastest overall network in Germany but Vodafone is the fastest on 4G

EE remains the fastest UK network but Vodafone delivers better latency

TIM tops network performance in Brazil - but Claro is the fastest

Close race for 4G speed between Mexico’s top operators

TIM dominates Italian mobile network quality during summer

US network operators focus on 4G infrastructure

Verizon dominates US download performance during summer

Vodafone dominates 4G Network Performance in Wales

3 network suffers from packet loss and jitter

EE tops UK network performance in September

Tutela and Wavefront collaborate on mobile SDK quality assurance testing and R&D

Why data monetization is the perfect match for online dating apps

Tutela meets Disruptive Tech TV: Our Wireless Analytics Monetization pitch

Expect top app developers to enter the Wireless Analytics Monetization boom in 2017... But who will get there first?

Dating Apps and Telecoms: A Surprising Romance

Recorded Webinar: WAM! Intro to Wireless Analytics Monetization for Mobile Apps and Games

6 Top Tips for Anonymous Data Monetization (ADM)

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