Global Mobile Experience


Tutela’s first annual Global Mobile Experience Report takes stock of the Consistent Quality experienced by users of mobile networks around the world today– that is, how current networks, relying heavily on 4G, perform against today’s common mobile use cases, using Tutela’s Excellent and Core benchmarks for network Quality of Experience.

Key findings

  • In the country rankings, Japan came top of the leaderboard with the highest level of Excellent Consistent Quality, while Norway (which came second for Excellent Consistent Quality by just 0.1%) came top for Core Consistent Quality.

  • By operator, LG U+ in South Korea was the world’s best mobile network, as measured by Excellent Consistent Quality. Telenor in Norway delivered the highest Core Consistent Quality, and came in second for Excellent Consistent Quality by just 1.2%.

  • While Europe dominates the ranking table for both Excellent and Core Consistent Quality, Oceania achieved the highest overall Excellent and Core Consistent Quality across the continent.

  • More than a third of countries tested delivered a Core Consistent Quality above 90%, indicating that many of the world’s networks are already suitable for standard-definition video streaming and core mobile use cases. However, just two countries delivered an Excellent Consistent Quality percentage over 90%. This indicates that while basic connectivity is becoming more widespread, there is a clear need for the extra capacity offered by 5G to enable the next generation of mobile use cases.

Global cover

This report used over 170 million speed tests from 60 million unique iOS and Android devices. Data was collected from 1st May 2019 to 1st August 2019.

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