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Meaningful analytics for everyone

With an intuitive, browser-based visual interface, Tutela Explorer is accessible for professionals whose expertise lies outside data science. Billions of rows of data can be filtered and analyzed without writing a single line of code, and geographical tools let you zoom down to the individual street corner.


Turn-key solution, no IT support required

Tutela Explorer is a cloud-based product fully hosted and managed by Tutela, which means integration into your corporate IT environment is as simple as logging in. It runs on any modern desktop browser, bringing a datacenter's worth of computing power to every desk.


World-class processing power

Tutela Explorer pairs the latest advancements in parallel processing with the most powerful GPUs commercially available. The end result is a platform that can aggregate, filter, and visualize data in real time. Forget waiting for queries to run: Explorer lets you prove your hypothesis and visualize the results in seconds.

Trusted by leading mobile companies

We work with the world’s leading telecoms and mobile companies to provide real world insights into their customers mobile experience.

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Optimise your network


Measure and improve the end-to-end quality of experience of mobile users, ensuring networks deliver a reliable and consistent service as often as possible.

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Benchmark against competitors


See how networks perform in relation to others in the same area by comparing coverage and performance by location and time of day.

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Plan future network development


Paint a detailed picture of where network performance is good and bad, plan for new cell sites and improve overall quality of experience.

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Gain insights on your competition


Stay one step ahead of the competition by keeping an eye on key competitors, tracking performance trends and infrastructure roll-out.

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