Identify coverage problems

Identify coverage problems and drill-down to specific cells in Bogota, Colombia




Benchmark performance 

Understand domestic and roaming mobile performance at the Colosseum, Rome 




Analyze network competence 

Analyze network performance at the MaracanĂ£ Stadium, Rio de Janeiro 



Extreme Speed

Tutela Explorer is designed to deliver sub-second insights from our massive database, eliminating the wait for data processing. Leveraging the latest GPU technology, Tutela Explorer queries billions of rows of data in milliseconds, enabling users to rapidly iterate and drill down to find issues and opportunities.


Fully Customizable

Tutela Explorer enables you to chart, map and filter over 80 KPIs into fully customizable dashboards. Analyse and drill-down by operator, network type, device and more to fully understand network performance and benchmark against competitors.


Cloud Service

Tutela Explorer is delivered as a cloud-service and available via a web browser. There are no setup or IT requirements, just login and access the platform immediately. See a demo and start a trial today.


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