Tutela is an independent crowdsourced data company with a global panel of over 300 million smartphone users. We gather information on mobile infrastructure and test wireless experience, helping organizations in the mobile industry to understand and improve the world’s networks.

Tutela collects data and runs network tests via software embedded in a diverse range of over 3000 consumer applications to enable the measurement of real-world quality of experience of mobile users, 24/7. This data is combined with best-in-class tools to create a turn-key solution that is trusted by the engineering and benchmarking teams at mobile network operators and network equipment manufacturers around the world. Using our insights, we enable mobile enterprises to benchmark, compare, and understand the mobile industry, and inform decisions in network and infrastructure planning and optimization. All of this translates to better networks that deliver a reliable quality of experience for consumers, wherever and whenever they use their devices.

We ensure that our software has minimal impact on mobile device performance and data usage. All data is collected with the consent of our users, and we do not collect any personal or persistent identification information to ensure that we meet the highest standards of data privacy worldwide, including the GDPR and the CCPA.

Our data

Through partnerships with leading application publishers, we sample data from millions of real-world users. Tutela collects data from over 300 million devices worldwide, resulting in 200+ billion new data points added to our dataset every single day.

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Real-world analysis


Tutela’s insights come from the people who matter the most — actual mobile subscribers.



Tutela does not collect personally identifiable data or persistent identifiers.



Tutela is a proudly independent third-party company. We work with, but not for, key players in the mobile industry.



Tutela provides more than just information. Our solutions enable mobile companies to address specific aspects of network improvement and benchmarking to allow them to build world-leading reliable networks that deliver the best experiences for their users. See what you can do with Tutela today.

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Your representatives


Sangita Patel

Chief Sales Officer


Tom Luke

VP Market Development & Strategic Partnerships


Devan Chiappetta McCannel

Head of Application Partnerships

Our leadership team


Hunter Macdonald



Hunter is CEO and co-founder of Tutela. A born entrepreneur, passionate about challenging and innovating the mobile industry.


Tom Luke

VP Market Development

VP Market Development

Tom is VP of Market Development with in-depth experience in the mobile industry previously at Hewlett Packard and Cisco Systems.


Brennen Chow

VP Operations

VP Operations

Brennen manages our infra and analytics based software solutions combining his engineering expertise with project management know-how.


David Yarish

VP Mobile Solutions

VP Mobile Solutions

David leads the development of mobile products and is actively following his passion for creating quality software solutions for mobile devices.


Tony Kroeker

VP Systems Engineering

VP Systems Engineering

Tony leads the Systems Engineering team at Tutela. A tenacious problem solver with a passion for technology and big data.

Kerry Field



Kerry is Chief People Officer for Tutela, her focus is on cultivating a work environment and career experience where every individual can reach their full potential.

Trusted by leading mobile companies

We work with the world’s leading telecoms and mobile companies to provide real world insights into their customers mobile experience.

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Work with us

Eager to join our team? Tutela welcomes exceptional people to play a key part in changing the world of data-driven business. Take a look at our current opportunities or apply speculatively by emailing a CV and cover letter to careers@tutela.com.

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