Billions of data points

Tutela's database allow customers direct access to billions of rows of raw data, with more than 10 billion daily measurements. By selecting specific statistics from our data library, customers can interpret and analyze with their own tools and teams at the click of a button.





Fully customizable

Tutela works with customers to integrate custom data sets, such as market geographies, country-specific demographics, or operator infrastructure information. By starting with the basic building block of raw data, any level of customization is possible.




Hosted in the cloud

By hosting raw databases on Google's BigQuery platform, Tutela allows for rapid and customizable querying of the raw dataset, in addition to seamless integration with off-the-shelf analytic and visualization tools.



Enriched for more insights

By default, Tutela's data engineers enhance device-collected data with industry-standard databases including geographic regions, cellular technology bands, and internet service providers. More fields, including indoor/outdoor detection and enhanced device information, are available on request.

Trusted by leading mobile companies

We work with the world’s leading telecoms and mobile companies to provide real world insights into their customers mobile experience.

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See Tutela's solutions in action to understand how mobile companies are building the best networks of tomorrow.

Optimize your network


Measure and improve the end-to-end quality of experience of mobile users, ensuring networks deliver a reliable and consistent service as often as possible.

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Benchmark against competitors


See how networks perform in relation to others in the same area by comparing coverage and performance by location and time of day.

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Plan future network development


Paint a detailed picture of where network performance is good and bad, plan for new cell sites and improve overall quality of experience.

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Gain insights on your competition


Stay one step ahead of the competition by keeping an eye on key competitors, tracking performance trends and infrastructure roll-out.

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