The synergy of two mobile operators in Malaysia

What future implications could the Telenor and Axiata merger have on the market and for its users?

When it comes to internet usage, the Southeast Asian market continues to show positive growth, with 370 million users and a mobile connectivity of 141% as of January 2018. 

To take advantage of this, mobile providers will look to up its competitiveness as much as possible to ensure a majority stake in the market and keep smaller competitors at bay. This is best seen in the recent merger talks between Digi and Celcom in Malaysia.

Merger cover

In this report, Tutela has analyzed five key factors that determine how well this new MergedCo could perform to an ever evolving and video-obsessed market:

  1. Consistent quality
  2. The potential for streaming video
  3. Spectrum holdings and deployment
  4. Managing congestion
  5. Data usage

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