USA - State Of MVNOs


Mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) have traditionally been regarded as a complement to traditional operators. By offering bundles and services aimed at highly specific segments of the market, MVNOs in the US carved out a niche largely serving the needs of lower-income customers or those with particular data needs.

But in 2019, the landscape is rapidly shifting. Technological advancements have made the barrier for operating some kind of network much lower; the entrance of cable companies into the market have pushed MVNO service into the more lucrative postpaid segment; and multi-network MVNOs are innovating on the network side of the equation, rather than solely differentiating on price or customer service.

To see how the different MVNOs compared, we gathered 281,559,204,519 measurements, including over 40 million speed tests and 649 million latency measurements, from over 3.8 million devices (iOS and Android smartphones) between February 1st and July 31st 2019. Click below to download the report in full.


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