Costa Rica Market Snapshot

Across the country, Kolbi ICE performed best in Tutela’s tests for network performance, scoring 51.4% for “excellent” consistent quality as well as leading download speeds on 4G and 3G. Claro’s top performance for latency put it in second place for excellent consistent quality at 26.4%, just ahead of Movistar at 20.1%.

Kolbi ICE lead “excellent” consistent quality

Across Costa Rica, Kolbi ICE performed best for excellent consistent quality, with a score of 51.4%. Claro and Movistar scored only 26.4% and 20.1% respectively for Tutela’s network performance metric, representative of use-cases such as streaming HD video or making reliable group video calls, but did manage to meet Tutela’s “basic” consistent quality threshold in more than 90% of cases, suitable for performing tasks like browsing web pages, internet messaging and social networking. Click here to learn more about Tutela's consistent quality metrics.

Costa consistency

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Kolbi ICE also lead download speeds

Kolbi ICE demonstrated the fastest download speeds between February and April with average results of 11.98 Mbps and 3.87 Mbps on 4G and 3G respectively. Claro ranked in second place for 4G across the country, with average download speeds of 9.80 Mbps, as Movistar placed third overall averaging 8.05 Mbps. Kolbi ICE recorded average 4G download speeds of 12.54 Mbps in Alajuela where Claro and Movistar also rank second and third respectively.

Costa speeds


Claro perform best for latency

4G latency on Claro’s network averaged at 48.5 ms, just under Kolbi ICE at 50.1 ms, with Movistar again placing third having averaged 59.1 ms nationwide. Our crowdsourced data shows a similar pattern for 4G in San José, Alajuela and Heredia, but on 3G, Movistar jump to first place in San José and Heredia averaging 84.3 ms 82.9 ms respectively.

Costa latency

Our findings for Costa Rica are based on 3.3 billion network quality measurements including 447 thousand speed tests between February and April. Our latest complimentary Mobile Experience Report is available to download from the Tutela Insights portal.


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