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With Tutela’s data and tools, network companies are better able to measure and improve the end-to-end quality of experience of mobile users, ensuring their networks deliver a reliable and consistent service as often as possible. With Tutela, companies are able to diagnose network issues and root causes quickly and easily, in almost real-time, as well as being able to quantify the impact of network investment, comparing performance and trends over time.

Watch our demo video to see how you can:

  • Measure and monitor end-to-end mobile experience
  • Diagnose network issues and root causes
  • Quantify the impact of network investment

Benchmark against your competitors


Tutela enables mobile companies to benchmark against competitors in their region. By comparing coverage and performance by location and time of day, companies are able to see how their networks perform in relation to others in the same area. With temporal and geographic breakdowns, mobile companies can analyze performance and usage trends as well as identifying priority areas with gap analysis to understand where their networks aren’t performing as well as competitors, helping them focus for better planning and investment.

Watch our demo video to see how you can:

  • Compare coverage and performance by location and time of day
  • Perform gap analysis and identify priority areas
  • Analyze performance and usage trends with temporal and geographic breakdowns

Plan future network development


Tutela’s solutions not only allow you to understand today’s current performance, but also plan for future network developments. Understanding how capacity and network demand changes depending on location or time of day, whether mobile subscribers are domestic or roaming, and whether performance measurements are indoors or outdoors helps mobile companies to paint a detailed picture of where network performance is good and bad, and enables them to plan for new cell sites to improve overall quality of experience.

Watch a demo video to see how you can:

  • Plan for new sites including 5G and small cells
  • Use Tutela's Decision Indicator score to highlight areas for investment
  • Understand capacity demands by precise location and time of day

Gain insights on your competition


With millions of measurements on almost every leading mobile operator worldwide, Tutela enables companies to not only understand their own network performance but also track the performance trends of their competitors. Using Tutela’s tools and data, mobile companies can keep an eye on their key competitors to understand which spectrum bands are used and where, as well as tracking the roll-out of new cell site locations.

Watch a demo video to see how you can:

  • Identify competitor site locations and track roll-out of new sites
  • Analyze competitor network performance and usage hotspots, 24x7
  • Understand competitor spectrum usage and performance

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