Why EE’s new 700 MHz spectrum is critical to its continued status as the dominant UK provider

When the UK’s 700 MHz & 3.6-3.8 GHz auction wrapped up its principal stage last week, one of the most interesting aspects [...]

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Vodafone Germany's 2100 MHz refarming delivers boost in download speed

In early February, Vodafone Germany gave an update on its 3G sunsetting processes, ahead of its planned shutoff date of 30th [...]

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3G sunsetting on Vodafone Italia: how will users be affected?

Vodafone Italia has started shutting down its 3G network to reduce the burden on its infrastructure resources used for 3G [...]

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The impact of mid-band 5G: lessons learned from early adopters

Whilst high-profile mmWave 5G deployments and wrangling over low-band nationwide 5G coverage have captured public attention, [...]

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Detecting high 3G usage in 4G-covered areas to prioritize effective spectrum refarming

Mobile network operators face significant challenges when it comes to providing network quality and capacity in areas of [...]

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Building for success: How network design helped operators retain customers in a time of uncertainty

When Comlinkdata acquired Tutela in September 2019, we announced that the move would bring together complementary data on [...]

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The synergy of two mobile operators in Malaysia

When it comes to internet usage, the Southeast Asian market continues to show positive growth, with 370 million users and a [...]

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Mexico has room for significant improvements in service quality

While much of the focus for network testing is on download and upload speeds, Tutela’s unique approach to crowdsourced [...]

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Spectrum analysis: Why Sprint's 2.5 GHz spectrum is key to T-Mobile's future

The review and approval process for the merger of Sprint and T-Mobile is moving along, with both companies optimistic that [...]

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Spectrum analysis - how Verizon’s diverse spectrum holdings are the key to success

In the recent report on the state of LTE networks in the United States, Tutela demonstrated that Verizon has the lead over [...]

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The role of spectrum in Spain’s 5G future

The rollout of 5G networks is set to begin in earnest in 2019, and network operators and equipment vendors worldwide are [...]

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Should we allow shared access to 5G spectrum?

There is currently a vigorous debate in the UK about whether shared access to 5G spectrum should be allowed. Much hinges [...]

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Measuring the impact of spectrum investment

In July of 2017, all three major Argentinian mobile operators purchased spectrum licenses in LTE Band 7, a mid-band [...]

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What we can learn from relative cell sizes

Crowdsourced measurements can reveal all sorts of interesting insights about networks, and one metric that's of interest to [...]

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