Many factors influence how users experience their network connections. We collect a range of metrics across different categories to provide the most comprehensive view of network performance across a range of categories. All of our data is collected in a way that protects user’s privacy, and focuses on providing anonymized insights into mobile network performance for use by network operators to compare and improve their services. To find out more about our approach to privacy, view our Privacy Charter here.



Wireless device details are captured to specify potential network issues on a given device type



Connection details are captured to compare performance and congestion by operator only



Connection quality is used to evaluate wireless network performance


icon-phones-2 Device

  • Different devices, operating systems, and chipsets can contribute to different end-user experiences of network
  • Identifying performance differences between device makes and models can diagnose specific compatibility issues or anomalies
  • Detailed information on device set-up allows for precise like-for-like comparisons between geographic areas, times of day or days of the week
Device Make
Device Model
OS Version
Screen Resolution

icon-connection-1 Connection

  • Measuring connection details such as cell tower IDs and connection technology, alongside the location of the device provides insight into infrastructure configuration and performance in a given area
  • Details on bandwidth and spectrum utilization provide insight into competitor spectrum utilization and capacity
  • Wi-Fi metrics such as internet service provider and access point manufacturer highlight how mobile devices perform on different internet providers and hardware manufacturer
Service Provider Name
Roaming Details
Cell Tower Name
MB Used

icon-quality-1 Quality

  • Active tests of metrics like upload and download throughput and latency demonstrate real-world network performance from the user’s perspective, and can assist in competitive benchmarking and network performance diagnostics
  • Passive measurements such as signal strength and quality demonstrate underlying network conditions and help to demonstrate coverage penetration across a given region
  • Reported voice service state demonstrates network suitability for calling and text activity as well as internet-based services
Download Speeds
Upload Speeds
Network Latency
Signal Strength

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