Our privacy statement

Tutela does not collect sensitive personal information or persistent identifiers, and Tutela has steps in place both commercially and technically to make sure that our datasets never identify such individuals or are used by Tutela, our partners, or customers for such a purpose. In the interest of transparency, the data that we do collect is included below. For more details, please see our Privacy Charter.

Network engineers want access to non-sensitive data: We want to keep consumers safe and our customers understand the importance of receiving and working with data that is identity-free. Our software runs in the background of downloaded apps and has minimal impact on the consumer and their daily use.

You don't just have to take our word for it: Tutela has engaged PricewaterhouseCoopers, an independent industry authority, to conduct a privacy review. This is just one of the steps we have undertaken to meet or exceed industry standards for privacy and data collection.

No sensitive personal information

Tutela's datasets do not identify any users. Moreover, customers and partners are contractually prevented from any attempts to de-anonymize Tutela's data.

Opt-in for data collection, opt-out for users

We understand that having control over your privacy is important and we can only collect data if you accept application permissions from the app provider.

Benefits to users and selective with customers

We want to keep consumers safe and help our customers understand the importance of receiving and working with data that is identity-free.

More than just talk


Our commitment to privacy is more than just a webpage. We've worked with third-party authorities to craft a Privacy Charter (PDF), and engage independent auditors to ensure that policies are in place to follow through.

See what data we collect


We’re interested in network information, not your Facebook friends. You can see a complete list of what data we collect from users right here.


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