Super Bowl LIV

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This weekend, Miami will be teeming with avid football fans as the Super Bowl LIV gets underway at the Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens. The stadium will be hosting the spectacle for the sixth time and is expected to put on a fantastic show, with a projected number of more than 100,000 visitors to the area just for the game. That should at least console local Miami Dolphins fans and business owners, but it will have a tremendous impact on communication infrastructure.

Are operators ready? 

To best observe how operators handle peak loads during this busy weekend, Tutela is monitoring network quality tests from its crowdsourced database from within the stadium and the surrounding area, and uploading the results into the dashboard below. We'll be updating the results live before and during the event, and you can follow along to see how networks handle the traffic here.


Please note: Google Data Studio is only compatible with Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers.

Tutela collects billions of measurements from millions of devices globally every day, but for this event, we're just focusing on a handful of network quality metrics that best reflect how the networks are dealing with the congestion. 

As well as monitoring the underlying network quality measurements (download speed, upload speed, latency, and signal strength), we're also keeping a close eye on Excellent Consistent Quality, Tutela's metric for whether a wireless connection is good enough for users to use demanding apps like HD video calling, video-focused social networking (like Snapchat), or stream HD replays of the action. 

When dealing with massive crowds, the challenge for network operators is making sure that everyone has a good-enough connection – which is quite different than, say, achieving triple-digit download speeds when the network isn't loaded. 

Our dashboard will be live for the days and hours leading up to the event, and we'll have a full post-mortem of how all the networks performed available shortly after the final whistle.



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