Saudi Arabia Market Snapshot - March

STC perform best for download speeds and latency

As well as recently achieving a key milestone for 5G, STC also lead average 4G download speed rankings according to our latest Mobile Experience Report for Saudi Arabia. Zain follow as a close second and lead upload speeds across the country.

STC top average download speeds

STC lead 4G and 3G download speeds across the country, averaging 10.41 Mbps and 4.69 Mbps respectively. On 4G, Zain placed second in our rankings, averaging 9.75 Mbps based on crowdsourced data collected between December and February, closely followed by Mobily which averaged 9.09 Mbps. STC also performed best in Ash Sharqiyah and Ar Riyad, but Zain top our average download speed rankings in Makkah, jumping ahead of STC with average speeds on 4G of 12.51 Mbps.  

Saudi Arabia download

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Zain lead 4G upload speeds

With an average result of 8.11 Mbps on 4G, Zain perform best across Saudi Arabia for upload speeds, ahead of both STC and Mobily which averaged 6.09 Mbps and 5.16 Mbps respectively. STC did top 3G upload speeds, ahead of both Mobily and Zain, averaging 2.10 Mbps - but remain second for 4G speeds in Ash Sharqiyah, Ar Riyad and Makkah.

Saudi Arabia upload

Our findings for Saudi Arabia are based on 4.41 billion network quality measurements including 704 thousand speed tests between December 2018 and February 2019. Our latest complimentary Mobile Experience Report is available to download from the Tutela Insights portal.


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