Our independence statement

Tutela is an independent network testing company, owned by Comlinkdata, the leading provider of telecom market data and insights. Our mandate is to improve the world’s internet through the provision of the best possible information, which means that all of our reports will always be produced without input or favour from the companies reported on.

In line with these goals, Tutela uses public internet infrastructure to conduct its testing, so that our reports best represent end-to-end user experience. By using  major content delivery networks, we ensure that Tutela’s tests cannot be prioritized.

Tutela believes that transparency in methodology is key to maintaining trust amongst the industry. That’s why we publish all the components of our testing methodology, from the data collection, network testing, and statistical analysis components.


Transparent Methodology

Tutela prides itself on making its data collection and analytics processes as public and transparent as possible. This means that we will not change our methodologies and results to best please our customers.

Independent Network Testing

We work independently by crowdsourcing our own network performance data from users’ devices. This means we can produce and share reports without gamification or external influence.

Using Public Infrastructure

Tutela collects data by testing against the most popular content delivery systems in the world. Our mission is to help improve network performance globally, but always with a focus on strict privacy practices and adherence to local regulations.

Monthly Public Reports

Every month we produce independent reports on select markets that are released publicly on our blog. These allow both consumers and industry professionals to see a snapshot of how Tutela’s data can demonstrate network performance trends in different regions worldwide.


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