Mapping T-Mobile’s 600 Mhz rollout

Almost two years ago, T-Mobile began the process of deploying its newly-acquired 600 MHz spectrum nationwide. The company [...]

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Get full 4G signal but slow data connection? Here's why.

Have you ever stood in a stadium with full LTE signal, but been completely unable to use the internet on your phone? It’s a [...]

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USA Market Snapshot

Similarly to our latest cities report, which saw Verizon leading consistent quality in 7 of the 10 largest cities across the [...]

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USA - Network experience across the largest 10 cities

For the United States’ mobile networks, ensuring coverage across the world’s fourth-largest country is a considerable [...]

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Super Bowl LIII: Fastest Network Results

Although Super Bowl 53 might not have been the highest-scoring game that we've seen, the same can't be said for the [...]

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Super Bowl LIII

This weekend, hundreds of millions of eyeballs will be drawn to Atlanta's brand-new Mercedes-Benz Stadium for Super Bowl [...]

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USA: Verizon lead 4G download speeds in our December 2018 testing

As mobile operators spar over 5G service names, our latest findings show Verizon continuing to lead 4G download speeds [...]

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Spectrum analysis: Why Sprint's 2.5 GHz spectrum is key to T-Mobile's future

The review and approval process for the merger of Sprint and T-Mobile is moving along, with both companies optimistic that [...]

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US Mobile LTE Network Quality 2018

Reports on which networks have the fastest wireless speeds regularly flood the media, but often fail to tell the full story [...]

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United States: Verizon and T-Mobile lead speed

We took more than 20.4 billion network quality measurements including 1.8 million speed tests from users across United States [...]

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Super Bowl 2018: Live Mobile Network Performance

Tutela collects real-time mobile network quality data from over 250 million mobile devices globally - and during the Super [...]

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US network operators focus on 4G infrastructure

Of the five major US mobile network operators Verizon tops download performance speeds for 4G infrastructure suggesting [...]

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