Spain Market Snapshot


Vodafone, which this month launched 5G services in 15 cities across Spain, performed best for “excellent” consistent quality in Tutela’s latest tests, leading latency and tying with Movistar for the fastest average download speeds across both 4G and 3G.

Vodafone perform best for “excellent” consistent quality

Across Spain, Vodafone scored highest of the operators for excellent consistent quality, representative of use-cases such as streaming HD video or making reliable group video calls, with a score of 78.1% just ahead of second place Yoigo at 77.7%. Orange and Movistar aren’t too far behind, with scores of 75.7% and 74.7% respectively. All operators performed close to 100% for “basic” consistent quality, suitable for performing tasks like browsing web pages, internet messaging and social networking. You can learn more about Tutela’s consistent quality metrics here.

Spain consistency

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Vodafone and Movistar tie for download speeds

Across both 4G and 3G, both Vodafone and Movistar recorded average download speeds of 20.38 Mbps, based on crowdsourced data collected between March and May. Movistar inch ahead on 4G only, averaging 24.90 Mbps across the country compared with Vodafone at 23.98 Mbps, with Orange and Yoigo placing third and fourth respectively. Movistar reach average speeds of 26.06 Mbps in Valenciana where Orange also take second place from Vodafone, averaging 24.21 Mbps.

Spain speeds-1

Vodafone continue to lead latency

Averaging a delay of just 26.4 ms on 4G, Vodafone continue to perform best for latency across the country. Movistar’s average of 29.7 ms puts it in second place, with Orange and Yoigo following in third and fourth place respectively. Most operators show improved results in Andalusía compared with the country-wide average, where Orange also overtakes Movistar for second place.  

Spain latency-1

Our findings for Spain are based on 131 billion network quality measurements including 13.5 million speed tests between March and May. Our latest complimentary Mobile Experience Report is available to download from the Tutela Insights portal.

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