Mexico Market Snapshot

In May, it was reported that mobile users in Mexico were consuming on average 2 GB per month for the first time, due to aggressive commercial offers and better network quality according to the Competitive Intelligence Unit. 

And as a first look at Mexico using a new metric, Tutela has analyzed the country’s mobile providers on its network quality and found Telcel to have the highest percentage of ‘excellent’ consistent quality with 48.1%. Telcel also had the highest average download speed at 12.37 Mbps.

Telcel lead 'excellent' consistent quality 

Between April and June 2019, Telcel had the highest percentage of ‘excellent’ consistent quality with 48.1%, which looks at different use cases to identify the quality of each connection - including video streaming. Telcel also had the highest overall percentage of ‘basic’ quality with 94.8%. AT&T came in second with 46.3% ‘excellent’ quality and 93.5% basic. Movistar had the lowest result of 33.7% for excellent quality, but had the second highest basic quality result of 94.4%. 

Although small percentages, it is a great benchmark for these providers to work towards improving. You can learn more about Tutela’s consistent quality metrics here.

Mexico Consistent Quality

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Telcel also lead average speeds 

As well as the highest result for consistent quality, Telcel also had the fastest average download speed with 12.37 Mbps, and the fastest average upload speed with 5.91 Mbps. Movistar was close behind with 11.73 Mbps average download speed but was found to have the slowest average upload speed at 4.13 Mbps. AT&T had the slowest average download speed at 10.07 Mbps but had a result of 5.68 Mbps on average uploads.

Mexico average speeds

AT&T lead latency 

AT&T leads the latency test with a 46.1 ms result on the 4G network but had the second highest latency on the 3G network with 82 ms. Telcel had the best latency result on the 3G network by a small margin with 81.1 ms, and had the second lowest result on the 4G network with a latency result of 48.3 ms. Movistar had the highest latency result on both 4G and 3G with 53.8 ms and 100.1 ms respectively.

Mexico latency

Our findings for Mexico are based on 113 billion network quality measurements including 14.3 million speed tests between April and June. Our latest complimentary Mobile Experience Report is available to download from the Tutela Insights portal.

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