Paraguay Mobile Experience Snapshot

In the latest Mobile Experience Snapshot for Paraguay, Claro dominated in four out of the five metrics tested, including the highest Excellent Consistent Quality, fastest download and upload speed while it statistically tied with Tigo in the latency category.

Claro had highest Excellent Consistent Quality

In Common Coverage Areas across Paraguay, Claro achieved the highest Excellent Consistent Quality with 76.9% of subscribers having a network experience suitable for use-cases like 1080p video streaming, real-time mobile gaming or HD video calling. Personal was in second place with an Excellent Consistent Quality of 64.8%, lagging behind Claro by 12.1%. Tigo was in third place with 57.7%, 19.2% behind first place Claro. 

In regards to Core Consistent Quality, Tutela’s metric for measuring a network experience suitable for less demanding  use-cases like SD video streaming, social media sharing and web browsing, none of the operators reached the 90% threshold, however Claro was in first place with a Core Consistent Quality of 88.1%, followed by Personal at 84.6%, and Tigo in third place with 77.4%, 10.7% behind Claro.


Claro had fastest median download and upload speed

Being the winner in the speed test category as well, Claro had the fastest median download speed in Common Coverage Areas across Paraguay at 18.6 Mbps, 6.9 Mbps faster than Personal and 8.9 Mbps faster than last place Tigo. Claro also had the fastest median upload speed at 10.3 Mbps, followed by Personal with an upload speed of 7.7 Mbps and Tigo in last place with a speed of 6.9 Mbps.


Claro and Tigo tied statistically for lowest one-way latency

Claro and Tigo tied statistically in the latency category with a median one-way latency of 32.4 ms. With a difference of about 7 ms, Personal had the highest median one-way latency at 39.6 ms. 

Our findings for Paraguay are based on 3.75 billion network quality measurements including 352,000 speed tests between January and March 2021. Our latest complimentary Mobile Experience Report is available to download from the Tutela Insights portal.

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