Ooredoo leverages Tutela in preparation for the FIFA World Cup 2022


Approximately 1.5 million people are expected to head to Qatar next year for the FIFA World Cup. With a population of just over 2.8 million, this represents an increase unprecedented increase of over 50% over the course of one month. Preparations have been long underway to ensure mobile networks won’t suffer as a result of the influx of new subscribers and Ooredoo has been working with Tutela in order to prepare its network in anticipation of the event. 


  • Ooredoo is leveraging Tutela’s suite of solutions to optimize their network ready for the FIFA 2022 World Cup
  • During peak hours of the day, Ooredoo’s network demonstrates a strong resilience to congestion under current network conditions and loads, however, as network demands are expected to increase significantly, Ooredoo is leveraging Tutela's solutions to identify and address potential congestion areas.   
  • Ooredoo has operations spanning 10 countries across North Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, and have deployed Tutela’s solutions as their group-wide standard for measuring mobile experience from the users perspective


After selecting and rolling-out Tutela as the group-wide standard for measuring and benchmarking mobile experience, Ooredoo Qatar has been working to understand the complete user experience of its subscribers, including how congestion impacts on network performance at different times of the day. This detailed breakdown, combined with Tutela Explorer, is enabling Ooredoo to understand mobile experience at a national and city-level before drilling-down into local areas and neighborhoods to identify opportunities for optimization or investment, including the rollout of 5G and new spectrum assets to increase capacity.

Ensuring consistent speeds is one of Ooredoo’s main goals, especially during peak hours of the day. The graph below shows the percentage of tests where download throughput is greater than 5 Mbps, plotted throughout the day in Qatar. Across the country, Tutela’s data shows a consistently good mobile experience for users, even during the peak network “rush hours”, between 8-10pm, where congestion can often impact performance. 

Ensuring a strong mobile experience in the lead-up to and during the World Cup is critical for operators. Using Tutela, Ooredoo has been able to measure and improve the end-to-end Quality of Experience for its mobile users, monitor key network performance indicators to guide investment decisions, as well as plan for future network developments to make sure they are ready for the surge in users and mobile network traffic that is expected.

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Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulla Al Thani, CEO at Ooredoo Qatar, said:

“A key pillar of our corporate strategy is complete customer satisfaction, and to this end we strive to create partnerships that enable us to provide the best experience possible. Working with Tutela’s real-world data and visualization tools enables us to ensure we are more than ready to deliver this unrivalled, world-class experience to our customers and all visitors to Qatar next year.”





Hunter Macdonald, CEO at Tutela added:

“Despite Ooredoo already providing the leading mobile experience in Qatar, they are not complacent and are heavily focussed on delivering an outstanding customer experience. Prioritizing opportunities to improve network capacity and performance for the World Cup will be critical in ensuring Ooredoo’s subscribers and roaming customers will continue to enjoy an excellent network experience. We are proud to support this ongoing initiative.”


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