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View all of our complimentary research for your country on the Tutela blog, or join Tutela Insights to access premium reports,
analytics tools and raw data.

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Tutela + Comlinkdata

Tutela has joined the Comlinkdata family. Together we will offer insight solutions which combine subscriber switching data with network experience to show how network performance impacts churn.

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Solutions for regulators

Tutela has launched complimentary solutions for regulators, providing independent and unbiased measurement of mobile network operator performance

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App Developers: Boost your app revenues and help improve the world's mobile internet

Developer program

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Tutela collects and analyzes anonymous mobile network coverage and experience statistics from millions of mobile devices to deliver actionable insights to telecoms and other mobile companies. Because making well informed decisions is great, but making fully informed decisions is best.

Our customers

We work with the world’s leading telecoms and mobile companies to ensure they have all the information they need to future proof their business strategy.


Network and cellular information improve performance

Network  Operators

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Independent, continuous monitoring of network performance and subscriber experience

Industry Analysts and Regulators

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Device and Equipment Manufacturers

Regional and device specific data determine the next step

Device and Equipment Manufacturers

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A unique approach

Through development partnerships with popular mobile apps and games, our software libraries and platform collect location based statistics worldwide. Connected with millions of data generating devices, Tutela has access to a large and accurate set of mobile network coverage and performance data. Every day we enable businesses to make the right decisions based upon the most up-to-date insights. Learn about our methodology

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Our insights catalog contains all of our complimentary and subscription-based data products including reports, dashboards and direct data access.

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