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France Market Snapshot - April

Orange, which has recently begun testing and developing 5G use cases with other French firms, lead Tutela’s “excellent” consistent quality metrics, as well as network speeds and stability across the...

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Belgium Market Snapshot - March

Across Belgium, Proximus tops average download speeds on 4G, with an advantage of approximately 5.40 Mbps on second place BASE, as Orange leads 3G speeds and performs best for latency throughout the...

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Spain Market Snapshot - March

As Orange pledge to boost 4G connectivity across Spain with its new #LaRedquenosune campaign, they also inch ahead of Vodafone in our latest Mobile Experience Report for average download speeds and...

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MWC 2019 Live Network Performance Dashboard

Every February, the mobile industry's top 100,000 decision-makers descend on Barcelona for Mobile World Congress. In addition to being a critical networking opportunity, the conference is also an...

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France: Orange top stability and speeds

Orange continue to perform best across France for both download and upload speeds, as Free Mobile lead latency. Orange also demonstrated the best network stability with the lowest average results for...

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Belgium: Proximus lead speeds as Orange perform best for latency and stability

Across Belgium, Proximus lead many of our network tests including download speeds. In Brussels, Proximus reached average download speeds on 4G of 32.98 Mbps, almost double that of Orange, who...

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The role of spectrum in Spain’s 5G future

The rollout of 5G networks is set to begin in earnest in 2019, and network operators and equipment vendors worldwide are bracing for the transition. Spain is no exception: some network operators are...

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France: Orange lead speeds and stability

In the wake of Arcep’s survey that ranked Orange the best in the country for quality of service, Orange also lead our download speed and network stability tests for the three months up to September....

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France: Orange stay ahead to lead our latest tests

Heavy competition between operators in the French market may impact on customer’s purchasing decisions, but our findings for the three months up to August show Orange as a clear leader, topping...

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Spain: Movistar lead speeds as Vodafone drop to fourth place

Vodafone appear to have taken quite a hit on both download and upload speeds over the summer months, thankfully they stay top for latency across the country based on our results in August. Movistar...

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Spain: Network speeds plunge as data usage surges during summer

Vodafone subscribers see 30% slow-down as vacation kicks in Spain is undoubtedly one of the most popular summer hotspots, and not just for visitors but residents too. As locals head to the coast for...

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France: Orange dominate speed tests and stability

Orange lead 4G download speeds for the last quarter averaging speeds of 23.58Mbps, ahead of Bouygues, Free Mobile and SFR, who each recorded average speeds of 19.79Mbps, 15.73Mbps and 13.37Mbps...

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Spain: Movistar lead download speeds and stability, whilst Vodafone perform best in latency

Movistar lead our latest download speed chart for June with average speeds of 17.71Mbps across both 4G and 3G. Vodafone place second with average download speeds of 15.37Mbps, followed by Yoigo and...

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France: Orange dominate our latest network tests

Ahead of Bouygues, SFR and Free Mobile, Orange lead both of our latest download and upload speed charts based on data collected between April and June, with average download speeds on 4G of 24.15Mbps...

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Spain: Movistar lead download speeds and network stability tests

Movistar rocket ahead of the other 3 players in the Spanish market with speeds of 26.10Mbps in Andalusía and 25.35Mbps in Valencia on 4G. However Vodafone take the lead in Catalonia, with speeds of...

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Free Mobile provides best latency results in France

After a surge in mobile customers throughout the later half of 2017, Free Mobile’s parent company Iliad is seeing continued success with the lowest latency results throughout France for the last...

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Movistar leads download speeds in Spain

Findings from our March Report In our latest mobile network performance report for Spain, we can see Movistar inch ahead of Vodafone to secure the top spot for the fastest download speeds across 4G...

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Live Mobile Network Performance Dashboard - MWC 2018

Updated Real-time Mobile Experience Dashboard Mobile World Congress Venue Tutela collects real-time mobile network quality data from over 250 million mobile devices globally - and Fira Barcelona, the...

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