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Chile Market Snapshot - April

According to our latest Mobile Experience Report for Chile, WOM recorded the highest percentage for “basic” consistent quality, as Entel, which has pledged to invest nearly $600 million in Chile and...

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Chile Market Snapshot - March

Recent research has shown that Chile demonstrates the best price to network performance ratio of all countries across Latin America, with Entel leading average download speeds and WOM performing best...

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Chile: Entel leads speeds as WOM improves stability

As Entel continues to expand its mobile network coverage across Chile, including a recent launch of mobile broadband in Alto Hospicio, it also leads our overall network ranking, based on crowdsourced...

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Bolivia: Entel fastest on 4G but Tigo top average speeds

Since mobile number portability was activated in Bolivia in October, almost 80% of ported users have moved to Entel, and our crowdsourced results from November could show why - even though Tigo lead...

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Peru: Entel lead speeds as Bitel performs well for network stability

As ported lines in Peru hit a new 4 year high, our latest crowdsourced results from September show which operators are performing best for network experience, with Entel taking the lead for most...

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Measuring 4G LTE mobile experience across Chile in September

Chile’s telecommunications industry isn’t too dissimilar to many others across the globe, with one standout network, in this case Entel, offering significantly greater performance than the other...

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Peru: Entel lead speeds and latency

Last month, portability in Peru hit a four year high as Entel reportedly shed some 35,169 lines. A contrast with our most recent mobile experience report that shows Entel performing best across the...

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Chile: Entel dominate speeds and latency

One operator stands out in Chile, as Entel lead our latest findings for download speeds, upload speeds and latency. Movistar place consecutively second and close the gap in Biobio, but it’s not...

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Peru: Entel head our real world tests

Entel lead download speeds across both 3G and 4G, averaging 12.70Mbps based on our real world tests between May and July this year. Movistar, who place second overall with average speeds of 7.14Mbps,...

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Bolivia: Tigo top 3G and 4G speeds in our latest report

Tigo lead download speeds across both 4G and 3G with average speeds of 7.19Mbps, as well as leading the 4G race in Cochabamba. However, our results for the last quarter show Entel dominating the 4G...

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Chile: Entel report the quickest speeds but WOM outshines for latency

Across Chile, Entel are at the top of both our download and upload speed charts for the last three months, with average download speeds on 4G of 12.76Mbps. In Santiago and Valparaíso, Entel lead...

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Peru: Entel top performance overall in our latest tests

In our latest findings for Peru, Entel demonstrated the quickest download speeds in the region, with an average of 12.94Mbps across both 4G and 3G. In comparison, Movistar, who placed second,...

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Bolivia: Entel lead our latency results

According to our latest findings for Bolivia, Entel demonstrated the quickest latency results between February and April of 2018, with speeds of 83.7ms on 4G. Tigo, who has recently been voted one of...

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Entel are the fastest network in Chile

Our latest mobile network findings for Chile see Entel top our download speed charts across both 4G and 3G, with average speeds of 8.88Mbps. Having recently announced plans to invest $1.96 billion...

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Peru: Entel delivers best 3G & 4G speeds – but Movistar matches 4G latency

Findings from our February Report We collected over 3.6 billion mobile network measurements including over 400 million speed tests in Peru during December, January and February to measure mobile...

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Chile: WOM delivers fastest mobile speeds but suffers from packet loss

Findings from our February Report We took over 3 billion mobile network measurements in Chile during December, January and February to measure mobile network quality experience. Our latest...

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