Spain: Movistar lead speeds as Vodafone drop to fourth place

Vodafone appear to have taken quite a hit on both download and upload speeds over the summer months, thankfully they stay [...]

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Germany: Telekom and Vodafone race to lead mobile speeds

Our results for the last quarter until July show Telekom performing best for download speeds whilst Vodafone lead upload [...]

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Italy: TIM leads speeds whilst Vodafone top our latency findings

Based on our research between May and July this year, TIM dominated download speeds across both 4G and 3G, averaging [...]

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UK: EE continue to lead real world download speeds as Vodafone top latency

With average download speeds of 21.36Mbps, EE continue to top our research findings from data collected in July. Vodafone [...]

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Spain: Network speeds plunge as data usage surges during summer

Spain is undoubtedly one of the most popular summer hotspots, and not just for visitors but residents too. As locals head to [...]

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Spain: Movistar lead download speeds and stability, whilst Vodafone perform best in latency

Movistar lead our latest download speed chart for June with average speeds of 17.71Mbps across both 4G and 3G. Vodafone place [...]

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Germany: Vodafone and Telekom lead speeds whilst O2 perform best for latency

Across both 4G and 3G, Telekom top our chart for fastest average download speeds with scores of 14.78Mbps, Vodafone lead our [...]

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Italy: TIM lead download speeds whilst Vodafone head our latency charts

Our findings for Italy for the last quarter place TIM at the top of our download speed chart, with average speeds on 4G of [...]

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UK Mobile Experience - Who is better and where?

From London to Liverpool, and Bristol to Birmingham, each city in the UK is unique in its own way, but whether home to the [...]

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Spain: Movistar lead download speeds and network stability tests

Movistar rocket ahead of the other 3 players in the Spanish market with speeds of 26.10Mbps in Andalusía and 25.35Mbps in [...]

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United Kingdom: EE lead download speeds whilst O2 perform best for upload speeds in Scotland

Our latest mobile experience report for the UK puts EE at the top of our download speed chart across both 4G and 3G, with [...]

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Germany: Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone lead our speed tests

Deutsche Telekom lead our download speed tests for the last quarter up to April, with average download speeds across both 4G [...]

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TIM delivers fastest download speeds for Italy

As Italy plans to take the first step to ultra fast download speeds by auctioning 5G spectrum by the end of September, our [...]

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Movistar leads download speeds in Spain

In our latest mobile network performance report for Spain, we can see Movistar inch ahead of Vodafone to secure the top spot [...]

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EE leads download speeds and latency in the UK

Once again EE tops our download speed chart, averaging 22.55Mbps for a 2MB file transfer. Having recently completed the [...]

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Germany: Telekom and Vodafone top download speeds

We took more than 2.4 billion network quality measurements including 175 thousand speed tests from users across Germany in [...]

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Turkey: Turkcell provides best download speeds – Vodafone leads 4G upload in some major regions

Findings from our February Report

We took over 8 billion quality measurements including 1.63 million mobile network speed tests from [...]

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Italy: TIM dominates speed – but Vodafone leading latency

We collected over 2.75 billion mobile network measurements including over 210 million speed tests in Italy during [...]

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UK: Vodafone delivers highest network stability

We took over 4.8 billion mobile network quality measurements including over 500 million speed tests from users all the UK [...]

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Australia: Vodafone provides best speeds

Vodafone is leading the field in terms of network performance in Australia. In the last three months of 2017, the mobile [...]

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Live Mobile Network Performance Dashboard - MWC 2018


Real-time Mobile Experience DashboardMobile World Congress Venue

Tutela collects real-time mobile network quality data from over [...]

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TIM delivers fastest average mobile internet speeds across Italy, Vodafone struggles with packet loss

TIM delivered the fastest download and upload speeds across both 3G and 4G networks in Italy according to our network [...]
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