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USA Market Snapshot - April

Similarly to our latest cities report, which saw Verizon leading consistent quality in 7 of the 10 largest cities across the US, Verizon also performed best for “excellent” consistent quality...

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USA - Network experience across the largest 10 cities

For the United States’ mobile networks, ensuring coverage across the world’s fourth-largest country is a considerable challenge, requiring tens of thousands of cell towers and a complex web of...

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Super Bowl LIII: Fastest Network Results

Although Super Bowl 53 might not have been the highest-scoring game that we've seen, the same can't be said for the performance of the mobile network operators. Despite the 75,000 fans filling the...

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Super Bowl LIII

This weekend, hundreds of millions of eyeballs will be drawn to Atlanta's brand-new Mercedes-Benz Stadium for Super Bowl 53. The event isn't just a chance to watch the Patriots win yet again; it's...

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USA: Verizon lead 4G download speeds in our December 2018 testing

As mobile operators spar over 5G service names, our latest findings show Verizon continuing to lead 4G download speeds across the US. Our crowdsourced results from December, based on over 40 million...

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USA: Verizon and T-Mobile lead speeds in our latest tests

Having recently announced its plan to bring one of the first commercial 5G devices to market in the first half of 2019, Verizon also continues to lead our download speed tests, based on crowdsourced...

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Spectrum analysis: Why Sprint's 2.5 GHz spectrum is key to T-Mobile's future

The review and approval process for the merger of Sprint and T-Mobile is moving along, with both companies optimistic that the deal will be closed in the first half of 2019. As such, there's no way...

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How MVNOs compare to Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint

According to the most recent FCC numbers, around 300 mobile virtual network operators serve nearly 35 million prepaid subscribers in the US every year. With their ability to target specific niches...

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US Mobile LTE Network Quality 2018

Reports on which networks have the fastest wireless speeds regularly flood the media, but often fail to tell the full story when it comes to carrier service quality. While fast top speeds are...

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United States: Verizon dominate download speeds, T-Mobile lead upload

With average speeds of 20.31Mbps, Verizon lead our download speed chart against AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint in our latest report for the US. T-Mobile, who currently rank third in our download speed...

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United States: Verizon continue to lead our download speed tests

Once again, Verizon top our speed charts with average download speeds of 20.62Mbps across both 4G and 3G. Verizon have been making strong strides towards 5G deployment recently, marking the first...

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Verizon lead the big four operators across the US

Verizon continue leading the group significantly ahead of second place AT&T, with average download speeds over both 4G and 3G at 20.82 Mbps. Verizon have recently announced Los Angeles as the second...

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United States: Verizon and T-Mobile lead speed

Findings from our March Report We took more than 20.4 billion network quality measurements including 1.8 million speed tests from users across United States in January, February and March. Our latest...

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Super Bowl 2018: Live Mobile Network Performance

Real-time Mobile Experience at the U.S. Bank Stadium Tutela collects real-time mobile network quality data from over 250 million mobile devices globally - and during the Super Bowl is no exception!...

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