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    Italy Market Snapshot - May

    TIM showed improved performance in Campania, taking the lead for both download speeds and latency, however Vodafone’s rank improvements across the country has put it at the top of our “excellent”...

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    Italy Market Snapshot - March

    Having invested heavily in Italy’s 5G spectrum auction, TIM and Vodafone have signed a network sharing pact to enable effective 5G deployment. The two operators also lead our speed and latency tests,...

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    Italy: TIM lead network tests between August and October

    Telecom Italia’s new CEO adopts a leading position for network performance according to our latest crowdsourced results for Italy, as TIM perform best for both upload and download speeds and overtake...

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    Italy: TIM and Vodafone lead our latest network tests

    Two key players in the Italian market, TIM and Vodafone, take the lead in our latest tests from August. Both operators spent significant amounts at Italy's recent spectrum auction to future proof...

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    Italy: TIM leads speeds whilst Vodafone top our latency findings

    Based on our research between May and July this year, TIM dominated download speeds across both 4G and 3G, averaging 19.14Mbps compared with second place Vodafone at 14.10Mbps, third place Wind at...

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    Italy: TIM lead download speeds whilst Vodafone head our latency charts

    Our findings for Italy for the last quarter place TIM at the top of our download speed chart, with average speeds on 4G of 25.60Mbps, ahead of Vodafone, 3 and Wind, and reaching highs of 29.16Mbps in...

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    TIM delivers fastest download speeds for Italy

    As Italy plans to take the first step to ultra fast download speeds by auctioning 5G spectrum by the end of September, our latest findings over the last quarter show TIM outperforming the other three...

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