Italy: TIM leads speeds whilst Vodafone top our latency findings

Based on our research between May and July this year, TIM dominated download speeds across both 4G and 3G, averaging 19.14Mbps compared with second place Vodafone at 14.10Mbps, third place Wind at 10.13Mbps and fourth place 3, with average download speeds of just 9.22Mbps across the country.

On 4G these results only change slightly, with 3 taking third place from Wind with average download speeds of 14.28Mbps compared with Wind’s 13.63Mbps.

Italy speed-2

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Italy are due to hold a spectrum auction this September which looks to be quite competitive as seven companies including both mobile and fixed broadband operators register to bid on the auction, far more than recent similar auctions.

Vodafone leads latency

With results of 27.4ms, Vodafone lead our findings for latency over the last three months from May, ahead of second place TIM who averaged 29.8ms on 4G. Similar to our 4G download speed results, 3 and Wind place third and fourth respectively for latency, with results of 31.8ms and 45.0ms. Interestingly in Lazio, 3 jump to second place for latency, just ahead of Vodafone.

Italy latency-2

3 perform best for network stability

With the lowest average results for jitter and packet loss, 3 lead our network stability findings of the group. Wind scored the second lowest for average packet loss but are let down by their high jitter recordings for the quarter.

Italy stability-1

Our findings for Italy are based on 3.01 billion network quality measurements including 275 thousand speed tests between May and July 2018. Our latest complimentary Mobile Experience Report is available to download from the Tutela Insights portal.

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