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Germany: O2 lags as Telekom and Vodafone top download speeds

Vodafone and Telekom battled it out for first place in Tutela's latest Mobile Experience Report, which analyzed 1.55 million speed tests and over 36.2 million response tests taken from August 1st to...

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Germany: Telekom and Vodafone lead speeds, O2 top latency

According to our latest results between June and August of this year, Telekom show best overall download speeds however Vodafone claim the lead in our results for 4G on both download and upload...

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Germany: Telekom and Vodafone race to lead mobile speeds

Our results for the last quarter until July show Telekom performing best for download speeds whilst Vodafone lead upload across Germany. O2, who sit in third place for both, take our top spot for 4G...

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Germany: Vodafone and Telekom lead speeds whilst O2 perform best for latency

Across both 4G and 3G, Telekom top our chart for fastest average download speeds with scores of 14.78Mbps, Vodafone lead our 4G only download speed tests with average speeds of 20.73Mbps, and O2 sit...

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Germany: Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone lead our speed tests

Deutsche Telekom lead our download speed tests for the last quarter up to April, with average download speeds across both 4G and 3G of 15.11Mbps. Telekom have began to lay the foundations for 5G...

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Germany: Telekom and Vodafone top download speeds

Findings from our March Report We took more than 2.4 billion network quality measurements including 175 thousand speed tests from users across Germany in January, February and March of 2018. Our...

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