Germany: Vodafone and Telekom lead speeds whilst O2 perform best for latency

Across both 4G and 3G, Telekom top our chart for fastest average download speeds with scores of 14.78Mbps, Vodafone lead our 4G only download speed tests with average speeds of 20.73Mbps, and O2 sit in third place for both achieving average speeds of 9.77Mbps across both 4G and 3G and 12.22Mbps on 4G only.

Deutsche Telekom have announced they’re investing €1.1bn in a ‘network of the future’ for city of Stuttgart. Part of the project will involve rolling out fibre optic connectivity but Telekom also have plans to improve their LTE network and coverage to include 98% of the population, as well as the city being one of the first homes to 5G in the country.

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Vodafone place first for upload

As well as leading our 4G download speed chart, Vodafone come top of our upload speed tests, with average real world speeds of 10.35Mbps, ahead of both Telekom and O2.

Vodafone have recently announced the activation of 225 new LTE mobile sites in the last 4 weeks across Germany, connecting an additional 500,000 Vodafone customers to their LTE network. This investment will no doubt improve network performance even further for the operator, and will be worth keeping an eye on in our upcoming findings.

Germany upload

O2 perform best for latency

Our latency results show the average one-way trip time for packets sent from our user devices to our test servers, and based on our findings from April to June, O2 come out on top with a score of 20.2ms on 4G.

In comparison to Vodafone, O2 have also made significant investments in network performance, announcing upgrades to 3,000 LTE sites over the first half of this year, expanding LTE capabilities for the network. Here’s hoping these investments will help O2 climb the rankings in the near future as network performance improves alongside Vodafone and Telekom.

Germany latency-1

Our findings for Germany are based on 3.08 billion network quality measurements including 249 thousand speed tests between April and June 2018. Our latest complimentary Mobile Experience Report is available to download from the Tutela Insights portal.

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