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Bolivia: Entel fastest on 4G but Tigo top average speeds

Since mobile number portability was activated in Bolivia in October, almost 80% of ported users have moved to Entel, and our crowdsourced results from November could show why - even though Tigo lead...

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Bolivia: Tigo top 3G and 4G speeds in our latest report

Tigo lead download speeds across both 4G and 3G with average speeds of 7.19Mbps, as well as leading the 4G race in Cochabamba. However, our results for the last quarter show Entel dominating the 4G...

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Bolivia: Entel lead our latency results

According to our latest findings for Bolivia, Entel demonstrated the quickest latency results between February and April of 2018, with speeds of 83.7ms on 4G. Tigo, who has recently been voted one of...

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