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    Tutela and Wavefront collaborate on mobile SDK quality assurance testing and R&D

    Our friends Wavefront are passionate about accelerating the growth and impact of Canadian wireless innovation, and we know firsthand how integral their services can be for tech companies.

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    Why data monetization is the perfect match for online dating apps

    Tom Luke, Tutela's VP of Sales and Partnerships, looks at the top five reasons why data monetization is the perfect match for dating apps:

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    Tutela meets Disruptive Tech TV: Our Wireless Analytics Monetization pitch

    We were recently invited to pitch Tutela's Wireless Analytics Monetization (WAM) solution on Disruptive Tech TV. Our VP of Sales and Partnerships, Tom Luke, answered the call and discussed...

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    Expect top app developers to enter the Wireless Analytics Monetization boom in 2017... But who will get there first?

    Revenue-starved mobile games developers could be thrown a lucrative lifeline by the boom in demand for anonymous mobile data, which they are well positioned to provide - with a little help.

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    Dating Apps and Telecoms: A Surprising Romance

    What would a beautiful relationship look like between dating apps and mobile telecoms?

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    Recorded Webinar: WAM! Intro to Wireless Analytics Monetization for Mobile Apps and Games

    We recently hosted an online introduction to Wireless Analytics Monetization (WAM). The recording is now available for on-demand viewing.

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    6 Top Tips for Anonymous Data Monetization (ADM)

    While ad revenues and LTV are on the decline for many app publishers, ADM is swiftly  stepping in and becoming the new way to earn decent revenue - with some app publishers set to earn >$1M per year,...

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    Discover all reports and analysis with Tutela Insights

    Tutela Insights is our exclusive online portal which hosts all of our complimentary and premium reports and data products.
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    • Raw data with direct database access and data extracts

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