Tutela and Wavefront collaborate on mobile SDK quality assurance testing and R&D

Our friends Wavefront are passionate about accelerating the growth and impact of Canadian wireless innovation, and we know firsthand how integral their services can be for tech companies.

Tutela's relationship with Wavefront dates back to 2013, when we contracted them to assess the battery impact of our software. We've since worked with Wavefront on several research and development and quality assurance testing projects, all of which have contributed to a sophisticated yet lightweight SDK. We're proud to say that our technology reliably collects mobile signal strength statistics from mobile devices while providing a revenue stream for app developers that doesn't impact the user experience.

As a result of the extensive quality assurance testing and R&D with Wavefront, we were able to achieve the following:

  • Battery drain is less than one percent, an insignificant amount for app users.
  • Application drive testing ensured that the app consumed minimal network data and promised a crash-free experience for users.
  • Quality assurance testing verified that the data collected was of high quality and provided monetizable data for Tutela customers.

Wavefront recently wrote a case study about the work we’ve done together. You can read the full story here »

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