Wireless Analytics Monetization

Generate more revenue from your apps by monetizing signal strength statistics.

You can make even more money from your apps without increasing ads or in-app purchases. Wireless Analytics Monetization (WAM) is a new mobile app revenue stream with potential earnings of $100k to $3M (with guarantees).


Tutela crowdsources anonymous usage data from the background of your apps without affecting the user experience. This data is worth millions of dollars – and telecoms use it to understand and improve the the world’s mobile internet.




Become a game changer

Step 1
Integrate with Tutela

Add our SDK to your app, we have
ready-made packages for iOS,
Android, and Unity to make
integration simple and fast

Step 2
Help us learn

We collect information about the
quality of wireless networks while
your app is being used and analyze
the data to build a map of where
network quality is good and bad

Step 3
Grow your revenues

We work with mobile companies to improve the quality of their networks and share the revenue we make with you

How It Works


Get started with Wireless Analytics Monetization

Installed on millions of devices

Extensive documentation

We provide you with extensive documentation for Android, Unity, and iOS operating systems.

Easy to add code

It only takes a few minutes from sign up to code deployment, and you are ready to start earning money.

Revenue sharing

Revenue from data is shared with you as an app developer.

No personal data

We do not collect any personal data and we fully comply with data protection laws and app store policies.

No user impact

Less than 1% battery consumption and no impact to CPU.

No app impact

Runs in the background without affecting user experience.

Our Privacy Charter

When we say no personal data, we mean it. We do not collect any information which can identify a user or their device, including email addresses, IDFA, AAID, device ID, or IP addresses. Read our privacy charter

Support documentation

Our documentation is your very own walkthrough guide for help with integration and general support queries. For any other questions simply email partners@tutela.com


Start creating more revenue from your apps today.

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