Only with the right
type of insights you can
make the winning move.

Our products

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Information is the foundation all modern businesses depend on. Tutela collects crowdsourced mobile data to create valuable and actionable insights. Enabling every business to make fully informed decisions.

Network Operators

Network and cellular information improve performance

Industry Analysts and Regulators

Detailed trend and market insights reveal opportunities

Device and Equipment Manufacturers

Regional and device specific data determine the next step

Or build from scratch

Standard and bespoke weekly reporting

Access our weekly standard reports or use our data to build a bespoke analysis of the regions, networks, devices and applications that matter most to you.


Interactive analytics

Use our online interactive dashboard for real time insights from around the world and visually see how data compares between networks, regions and even competitors.


Raw data

Fill the gaps in your information with data straight from the source. Select specific statistics from our data library for you to analyse with your own tools and team.


About us

Our team of dedicated and data passionate developers and strategists developed this unique application to collect the largest amount of mobile data and insights any company has ever been able to. Meet the team