Canada: Bell and Telus providing best speeds- but Freedom's 4G delivered highest stability

We took over 2.5 billion network quality measurements including 168,000 mobile network speed tests from users all across Canada to measure mobile network quality of experience. Our latest complementary Mobile Experience Report is available to download, here is a summary of the top findings.


Bell and Telus are leading speed

Analysis of the data shows that Bell and Telus are delivering the fastest speeds to subscribers. They ranked the highest when analysing results from both 3G and 4G network speed tests.

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 14.46.41.png


Freedom's 4G network delivered highest stability

However, speed alone does not tell the full story of network quality. We saw Freedom mobile deliver the best overall experience to subscribers when speed, latency, jitter and packet loss are taken into account in comparison to other operators - with an average packet loss of less than 1% and average jitter of less than 3.3ms.

Canadian Mobile Network Performance 2018.jpg


Rogers is leading in British Columbia and Alberta

Although Bell and Telus delivered the highest average across the country, in our regional analysis we saw differences across the provinces. Rogers leading by delivering the highest 4G speeds in both British Columbia and Alberta.


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