MEO provides best overall mobile experience in Portugal

Portugal State of Mobile Experience

MEO offered the best mobile experience to its customers, according to Tutela’s new 2021 State of Mobile Experience for Portugal. The report found that the operator offered its users the highest Excellent Consistent Quality in the country at 79.6% and statistically tied with Vodafone for highest Video Experience Score, a new metric added to this report. 

Meanwhile, Vodafone demonstrated the greatest coverage in the country for both 4G/5G and total coverage. 

In order to benchmark mobile experience in Portugal over the last six months, Tutela has evaluated over 746,000 speed and latency tests, conducted on the smartphones of real-world users of national mobile operators within Common Coverage Areas, between April and September 2021. 


Key findings from this report include:

  • MEO provides best overall mobile experience

Mobile users are being provided the best experience on MEO, based on Excellent Consistent Quality in Common Coverage Areas across Portugal, where MEO scored 79.6%.  The Altice owned operator had the second highest 4G/5G coverage and total coverage in Portugal. 

  • MEO and Vodafone tie for top video experience
MEO and Vodafone shared 1st place in our Video Experience score with a statistical tie over 3.93. NOS was close behind with a score of 3.90. 

  • Vodafone delivers greatest coverage

Vodafone Portugal demonstrated the greatest coverage in Portugal, with both the highest 4G/5G coverage score and total coverage. The operator also had the second highest Excellent Consistent Quality in the country at 78.1%, only 1.5% behind first place MEO. Vodafone also had the highest Core Consistent Quality at 91.3%. 

  • NOS a strong competitor in each metric

While NOS may have placed third in each metric tested, the operator was never far behind. Only 3.9% separated NOS from first place MEO for Excellent Consistent Quality, and 2.2% for Core Consistent Quality. The operators' coverage scores are also competitive, with only 55 points separating MEO from having the highest total coverage score in Portugal.  

Tom Luke, VP at Tutela, said: “The mobile experience in Portugal is very good, especially when considering the lagging 5G rollout compared to other countries. Our results show that the experience of all operators is comparable, with MEO and Vodafone getting ahead in experience and coverage, respectively. Operators in Portugal have had a tough 18 months working through the 5G auction process, however we are excited to see this new technology implemented soon and begin to see the overall mobile experience results improve for its users .”

The full report is available here.

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