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In our annual benchmark report for Norway, we have evaluated 94,427 speed and latency tests, conducted on the smartphones of real-world users of national mobile operators within Common Coverage Areas, between July 1st and December 31st, 2021.

The Norwegian telecoms industry went through great change in the latter half of 2021 as operators were able to get back to some normality after the pandemic affected productivity. 

A major shift continues to be in the form of getting rid of older technologies no longer suited for a society reliant on good, strong internet connections. In November 2021, Telia completed its 3G shutdown with the 900 MHz band and 2100 MHz band being the last to be switched off.

5G also has largely dominated the headlines in the Nordic region and in Norway; however, ice continues to go at its own pace. The operator was still being awarded rights to 5G access in September 2021 and by November had switched on its first commercial offering starting in Oslo. 

The Norwegian government raised at least $445 million from its 5G auctions, dominated primarily by Telenor, Telia, and broadband/tv provider Altibox. Telia Norway plans to complete 5G coverage nationwide by 2023, with at least 2 million of its users claimed to be able to access the new technology in November 2021. 

In Tutela’s annual Global State of Mobile Experience report, Norway placed eighth out of the top 30 countries analyzed. At an operator level, Telenor Norway was in third place out of the top 30 operators while ice Norway statistically tied with 3 Denmark and au Japan for 16th place.




Report statistics

Date range: 1 July 2021 - 31 December 2021

Download & response tests = 94,427
Total measurements = 5.2 million




 Report statistics

Norway map

Key findings

  • Telenor provides the highest Consistent Quality to its users
    Telenor had the highest Excellent Consistent Quality in Norway at 90.6% and the highest Core Consistent Quality at 94.9%. Telia and ice statistically tied for second highest Excellent Consistent Quality.

  • Telenor has the greatest total coverage in Norway
    Telenor had the highest total coverage score in Norway at 620 out of 1000, with Telia behind by 117 points and ice behind by over 200 points.

  • Competition was tight for highest Video Experience Score
    While Telenor took the top spot for Video Experience Score, Telia and ice statistically tied for second place.


Mobile Experience Awards

Discover the top performing operators in our mobile experience results table.

2022 AwardsThe contents of this report and the awards shown above are copyright Tutela; organizations may republish the awards and results above for editorial purposes; non-commercial uses and on unsponsored social media posts. For all other uses, please contact

Understanding this report

This report encompasses the following experience KPIs:

  • Excellent Consistent Quality - the percentage of the time that a network met the minimum recommended performance thresholds for HD video, group video conference calls and gaming
  • Core Consistent Quality - the percentage of the time that a network met the minimum recommended performance thresholds for lower performance applications including SD video, voice calls and web browsing
  • Coverage Score - the relative geographic coverage of an operator, compared with other operators, scored out of 1000 (please note that the score is not a representation of the percentage geographic coverage in a country)
  • Video experience - determined based on a range of video specific KPIs including stall rate, resolution and buffering time 

To ensure a fair comparison between operator performance, Tutela limits the results used in our comparisons to those collected within Common Coverage Areas.

Learn more about our benchmarking methodology here.

Consistent Quality

Consistent Quality

In Common Coverage Areas across Norway, Telenor had the highest Excellent Consistent Quality with 90.6% of connections good enough for demanding applications like 1080p video streaming, HD group video calling, and real-time mobile gaming. Telia and ice statistically tied for second place with an Excellent Consistent Quality of over 80%. 

For Core Consistent Quality, Tutela’s metric for when a mobile connection meets the requirements for use-cases like SD video streaming, social media sharing, and web browsing, Telenor and Telia reached the 90% threshold with a Core Consistent Quality of 94.9% and 93.9%, respectively. ice, in third place, had a Core Consistent Quality of 88.5%. 

Download image

Norway 2022 Consistent Quality


Norway 2022 Coverage


Telenor had the greatest total coverage in Norway at 620 out of 1000, and also had an extensive lead over the other operators. With a points difference of 117 behind Telenor, Telia was in second place with a total coverage score of 503, while ice had the lowest total coverage in Norway at 411 out of 1000.

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Video experience

Video streaming

In Tutela’s newest metric, Video Experience Score, which was created to measure the quality of experience subscribers are getting while streaming video, the results for all operators were incredibly close. Telenor had the highest Video Experience Score of 4.13, with ice and Telia statistically tying for second place.

Download image

Norway 2022 Video Experience

KPI performance

The table below shows a breakdown of individual KPIs for each operator.
  ICE Telenor Telia
Download % above 5 Mbps 97.6% 98.2% 98.2%
Upload % above 1.5 Mbps 97.7% 98.5% 98.1%
Latency % below 50 ms 99.8% 99.9% 99.7%
Jitter % below 12 ms 98.2% 99.2% 90.7%
Packet discard % below 1% 90.6% 98.5% 95.6%

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