Unlocking new possibilities for regulators to
improve network experience and monitor operator obligations


Understand the network experience of mobile users - anytime, anywhere

Tutela collects network quality of experience data continuously in all populated places in the world. Regulators can observe the real end-user mobile experience with independent data collected directly from the user handsets.


Understand spectrum
deployment footprint
and performance

Performance and usage data is separated by spectrum band, enabling regulators to identify where different spectrum bands are being used by each operator, on how many sites, and how it is performing.

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Identify under-served
and poor-performance

Data is collected in all populated locations, 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. Regulators can understand network coverage and performance in any location and observe trends over time, separating these by urban and rural locations.



Trusted by leading mobile companies

We work with the world’s leading telecoms and mobile
companies to provide real world insights into their customers mobile experience.








Products for Regulators

With billions of crowd-sourced data points, regulators no longer need to rely on propagation models or smaller data-sets to monitor coverage and performance obligations. Discover Tutela's complimentary solutions for regulators below.