At Tutela, the network experience data we collect helps telecoms companies around the world build better networks in the areas that need it most. This enables our customers to make data-driven decisions that improve the performance of their networks, and provides app publishers a convenient way to increase revenue without advertisements, and in respect of user privacy. In a time when equal access to reliable internet is more important than ever, we take great pride in using data for public good.

Mobile network engineers are interested in network performance and coverage information, not any data about the individuals who collect it. For this reason and many others we do not collect names, emails, persistent device IDs, or anything else that directly identifies any individual or their device.

Discover the steps to ensure compliance

To learn more about what we do and the steps our partners need to take to comply with privacy laws and app store policies, please explore the sections and tabs below. If you have any questions, please forward this page to your legal team, or contact us
  • GDPR Compliance

    The GDPR is a legal framework that aims to protect the data privacy of individuals who live in the EU and EEA. Learn what Tutela does to comply with GDPR, and how we help our app partners earn GDPR-compliant revenue every month.

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  • CCPA Compliance

    The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is a law intended to protect California residents' privacy in a GDPR-like fashion. Learn how Tutela has built our business to be CCPA compliant, and how we help our app partners add CCPA-compliant supplemental revenue.

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  • App Store Compliance

    Learn the measures Tutela takes to ensure our data is not linked to user identity, and how you can be compliant to earn additional revenue without tracking, without advertisements, and without requiring AppTrackingTransparency opt-in.

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  • Google Play Compliance

    Google Play policies are designed to provide a safe and trusted experience for everyone. By ensuring user transparency, Tutela app partners can become more profitable without affecting the in-app experience their users love.

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Tutela Privacy Charter

When we say no user identification, we mean it. We do not collect email addresses, phone numbers, user names, contact lists, social media IDs, or any advertising identifiers. In addition, our customers and partners cannot use our data to identify the mobile applications or publishers that our data has been received from. Read our privacy charter.

GDPR ready   CCPA Ready

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No user identification

Tutela's datasets do not identify any users. Moreover, customers and partners are contractually prevented from any attempts to de-anonymize Tutela's data.

Consent before data collection, opt-out made easy

We advocate for the importance of having control over your privacy. We require consent, and provide several options to easily opt-out of data sharing at anytime.

Benefits to consumers, selective with customers

We help make the world’s networks better and faster, and only work with customers that share our strict privacy and data handling practices.


We engage independent industry authorities including PwC to regularly review our privacy practices, and consult with legal advisors who are experts in Privacy and Data Security.


We require all app partners to disclose their relationship with Tutela to every user. We regularly check that each of our app partners remains compliant.

Earn privacy-compliant revenue from your mobile apps

Applications are currently open to join Tutela’s App Partner Program. Revenue made with Tutela is ad-free, respects user privacy, and is fully compatible with your existing app monetization strategies.

Interested? Contact or visit to learn more, supplement revenue, and help improve mobile internet in the regions your app is popular.