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Key findings
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Data usage
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Consistent quality
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Chapter 3 
Download speeds

Malaysia has a distinct lead over the other countries in this report, with average download speeds that topped 11 Mbps. Even though Malaysia doesn’t appear to have a clear advantage in the amount of time spent on 4G compared to 3G, the speed difference is still significant, indicating that where the LTE network provides coverage, it works well. When comparing only 4G networks, Malaysia’s advantage over other countries grows, with an average download speed of nearly 14 Mbps.

Subscribers in Indonesia and the Philippines saw nearly-identical download speeds just above 8 Mbps, putting the two countries in a virtual tie for download speed. When comparing only 4G speeds, the Philippines ekes out a small lead, but since Filipino mobile users spend more time on 3G than anyone else, the average is diminished slightly.

Thailand has both the slowest 3G and slowest 4G network; but while the average speeds may appear poor, the network is at least consistent, and nonetheless provides sufficient capacity for most subscribers to use the apps and services they value the most.

SE Asia Download Speed by Country