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Celcom has a distinct advantage over the other operators when it comes to 4G coverage; its LTE network is dominant in all major cities and extends to most population centres in East Malaysia. 3G coverage is most apparent for Celcom in the inland parts of the Malay Peninsula, and rural areas of East Malaysia.

Neither Maxis nor DiGi can match Celcom’s 4G coverage across the whole country, but both networks do have 4G coverage in the largest cities in both East and West Malaysia. Maxis also appears to have particularly good 3G coverage on the country’s smaller islands.

U Mobile has promised expansion of its 4G network, with a target set of 90% population coverage by the middle of this year. The coverage in the latter half of 2018, however, shows that the network still lags the competition in 4G coverage. Outside of the west coast of the peninsula, 4G coverage is still sorely lacking, and its lack of presence in East Malaysia is apparent.