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Network Operators

Data is only worth something if it finds its way back to the industry. Tutela offers the solution. Continuously collecting data and transforming it into highly valuable insights for mobile companies.

Understand consumer behavior and network perspectives from the user point of view

Stay ahead of the competition with insights that are continuously updated

Discover your place in the market. Benchmark against competitors by geography, technology, and more

Solutions for Network Operators

Cell Performance Validation & Network Benchmarking

Discover cell performance and required maintenance with color coded visual reports. Review performance by timeslot and compare your results to competitors.


Network Roll-Out & Site Selection

Analyze network coverage to identify network expansion hotspots. Networks are monitored per tower and provide detailed information on data usage per region.


Device Performance validation

Quality of experience can be measured per device, manufacturer, or operating system. Providing you with insights that also include throughput and WiFi usage metrics.


Our data products

Standard and Custom Reporting

Access our standard reports or use our data to build a custom analysis of the regions, networks, devices, and applications that matter most to you.


Our online interactive dashboard gives you worldwide, real-time insights and lets you visually compare data between networks, regions, and competitors.

Raw Data

Fill the gaps in your information with data straight from the source. Select specific statistics from our data library for you to analyze with your own tools and team.

View our latest reports and insights to discover the quality of various network services worldwide and stay ahead of your competition with weekly insights before any else.