With this many
players on your team,
you cannot lose.

Our methodology

Introducing the world’s largest mobile information platform, collecting data from millions of devices worldwide, gathered and transformed into the right insights for your business.

From data to insights

Crowdsourced information

We work in partnership with app developers, running our software in the background of popular mobile applications to crowd-source anonymous data.

Transformed into aggregated data

We aggregate raw data from across
the globe, held securely on
our cloud-based database and
analytics platform.

To create actionable insights

We process that data into
web-based dashboards and reports,
delivering insights to you that
are actionable today.

Powerful, intuitive reports

Access our dashboards directly from any web browser to obtain exclusive business insights.

Device data

Recognize opportunities for device optimization with regional specific data

Network data

Improve network performance with up to date cellular information

Application data

Understand market opportunities with user experience and trend analysis

Everyday, Tutela’s valuable insights are consulted by company owners to determine a next step, discover new business opportunities, or improve customer service.