Chapter 1 
Key findings
Chapter 4 
Data usage
Chapter 2 
Chapter 5 
Consistent quality
Chapter 3 
Spectrum utilization


Key findings

  • Finns love their unlimited data plans. On average, over 63% of mobile data usage in Finland is delivered via a 4G or 3G connection, with just 37% on WiFi. It is the opposite story in Norway, where only 16% of mobile data usage is over a cellular connection and 84% on WiFi, most likely due to relatively high mobile data costs.

  • ICE Norway delivered the highest levels of Consistent Quality in our testing across all operators in the Nordics, delivering a high quality cellular connection capable of delivering HD video calls more than 90% of the time.

  • Sweden sees more data traffic over high-band spectrum than other Nordic countries with 37.9% of data being transferred over mostly 2.6Ghz frequencies. Interestingly, Telia, despite higher data volumes on mid-band spectrum, delivered higher consistent quality scores in our tests than the other providers in Sweden.