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Key findings
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Data usage
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Consistent quality
Chapter 3
Spectrum utilization

As operators have worked to upgrade 3G networks to LTE-Advanced technology, theoretical (and even real-world) peak throughput speeds have increased to where they vastly outstrip the maximum needed for any current use-case. Real-world speeds above 100 Mbps are common in certain areas, and with a 4K video stream -- barely a realistic mobile use case -- using a fifth of that, average download speed has lost some of its relevance as the overriding statistic used to measure wireless networks.

Instead, a metric of customers’ Quality of Experience provides more relevant insight into the quality of connection. With that in mind, Tutela has produced a set of five key network performance indicators that show the minimum requirements needed to flawlessly perform the most demanding mobile use-cases, including real-time HD video calling, or 1080p video streaming.

Tutela's excellent quality key performance indicators:

  • Download speeds of 4 Mbps or more

  • Upload speeds of 2 Mbps or more

  • Latency of 50 ms or less

  • Jitter of 30 ms or less

  • Packet loss ~0%

The mobile excellent consistent quality score measures the percentage of time that a network connection -- whether over 3G or 4G -- meets these requirements, and therefore provides the user with a flawless connection for the majority of real world use cases.

Scandinavia Consistent Quality (Excellent) by Country

As the chart shows, all four Nordic countries perform well, with consistent quality scores over 80%. However, Norway -- which has the lowest data use per person, and the highest penetration of 4G -- has the best consistent quality of any country.

Denmark has the highest percentage of tests performed on 3G, at 16%, but has the second-best consistent quality. 85% of network connections tested in Denmark exceeded Tutela’s thresholds for excellent quality. Finland, whose population uses far more data per capita than any other country, has the lowest consistent quality score.