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UK Market Snapshot - May

As EE become the first operator to launch its 5G network in the UK, it also leads our network performance results across the country, based on crowdsourced data collected between February and April....

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UK Market Snapshot - March

As Vodafone gear up for 5G, recently announcing the 19 cities in the UK where it will launch its 5G service before the end of the year, EE continue to lead download and upload speeds across the...

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UK: EE increase their average download speed lead

Our latest crowdsourced report for the UK shows EE leading speeds and latency overall. However, both Vodafone and 3 disrupt the rankings, with Vodafone leading upload speeds and 3 leading download...

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Should we allow shared access to 5G spectrum?

There is currently a vigorous debate in the UK about whether shared access to 5G spectrum should be allowed. Much hinges on the expectation of how widely mobile operators might deploy. By examining...

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UK: EE is still the fastest network, Three sees improvements

In our September 2018 report for the UK, EE remained on top, but all four carriers saw improvements in their 4G download speeds. Three achieved an average LTE download speed of over 10 Mbps, while...

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What we can learn from relative cell sizes

Crowdsourced measurements can reveal all sorts of interesting insights about networks, and one metric that's of interest to mobile operators is relative cell size - the coverage area each cell can...

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UK: EE continue to lead real world download speeds as Vodafone top latency

With average download speeds of 21.36Mbps, EE continue to top our research findings from data collected in July. Vodafone follow in second place with average download speeds of 16.72Mbps across both...

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UK Mobile Experience - Who is better and where?

From London to Liverpool, and Bristol to Birmingham, each city in the UK is unique in its own way, but whether home to the Queen or the Beatles, the need to be connected is no longer a just a nice to...

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United Kingdom: EE lead download speeds whilst O2 perform best for upload speeds in Scotland

Our latest mobile experience report for the UK puts EE at the top of our download speed chart across both 4G and 3G, with average speeds of 22.66Mbps. EE are planning on running the first live 5G...

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EE leads download speeds and latency in the UK

Findings from our March Report Once again EE tops our download speed chart, averaging 22.55Mbps for a 2MB file transfer. Having recently completed the construction of its 90th brand new mass site in...

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