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Peru’s telecoms industry has made strides over the last year, both in terms of regulation, and in terms of the number of users who benefit – with subscriber growth for combined mobile and Internet services up year on year and predicted to continue rising into 2025 by the GSMA

In the region, mobile connectivity holds particular importance, with mobile accounting for 91% of Internet connections. With such a high importance on the service, it’s critical that the operators are able to provide widespread access to reliable, effective telecommunications services to help connect the population.

Meanwhile, Peru is positioning itself as a potential leader in 5G deployments in the LATAM region – with a likely outcome that some users’ first connection will be on this ultra-fast, ultra-low latency technology. All four operators have now completed 5G trials in the market, with Bitel the last to do so in October 2019, while 5G spectrum auctions are planned for this year to aid in additional 4G and future 5G deployments. This new technology will likely be crucial for providing capacity for data services as more of the country becomes connected.

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At this critical juncture in Peruvian telecommunications, as societal and technological change accelerate at pace, Tutela’s latest State of Mobile Networks report benchmarks the four national operators to determine the current status of mobile connectivity in the county. In this report, Tutela has evaluated over 1 billion records in Common Coverage Areas across Peru, including 4.5 million speed tests and 82 million latency tests, between October 1, 2019 and March 31, 2020.


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