Expect top app developers to enter the Wireless Analytics Monetization boom in 2017... But who will get there first?

Revenue-starved mobile games developers could be thrown a lucrative lifeline by the boom in demand for anonymous mobile data, which they are well positioned to provide - with a little help.

Our VP of Sales and Partnerships, Tom Luke, takes a look at how Wireless Analytics Monetization (WAM), also known as Anonymous Data Monetization (ADM), will factor into the way app developers boost revenue in 2017. 

Before we make any predictions for the future, let’s examine the lessons of 2016. If the mainstream media’s obsessions match those of the public - which is their job - then privacy became an increasingly important in the last 12 months. Fears over the sovereignty, security and privacy of personal information were rarely out of the news.

The year 2016 taught us that intrusive marketing, Big Brother-style surveillance and irresponsible data losses are big issues with the public. They still hunger for information and entertainment on their mobile phones and the relationship with their handsets is ever more intimate, but intimacy goes hand in hand with trust.

The good news is that it’s not so much the gathering of data that concerns them - otherwise surely subscribers would not keep volunteering their personal details en masse, to thousands of service providers - but the abuse of that responsibility that is making them lose trust.

This is why there is a boom in demand for non-personal data, and why anonymous data monetization (ADM) will be one of the most important growth markets in 2017. It’s not chump-change either. Seven-figure annual contracts are being made with app publishers for anonymous location-based data, which has a high value to the mobile telecoms sector.

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