Why data monetization is the perfect match for online dating apps

Tom Luke, Tutela's VP of Sales and Partnerships, looks at the top five reasons why data monetization is the perfect match for dating apps:

I know, I know. It hurts to put time and effort into a relationship, only to discover that they’re not the one for you. Why didn’t you listen to your friends when they told you to expand your horizons – that there are other app revenue streams in the sea? And why didn’t you do it before driving away the people who are most important to you – your users?

At Tutela, we recently commissioned a survey of 600 US and UK adults to find out how they feel about advertisements, in-app purchases and data collection. As we suspected, users aren’t feeling the love for traditional app monetization strategies. In fact, 63% of respondents say they avoid apps that contain too many ads or require in-app purchases.

So before you get googly-eyes for the next ad network that smiles at you, consider this – an astounding 95% of respondents say they would use apps that collect anonymous usage statistics. The key differentiator here is anonymity, because the vast majority of users are still opposed to divulging personal data.

This is exciting news for all of us because there’s a lot of money to be made in anonymous statistic collection. We call our particular method Wireless Analytics Monetisation (WAM), and it may be the perfect match for your dating app.

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