About Tutela

Tutela Technologies, Ltd. is a Canadian crowd-sourced mobile data company with offices in Victoria, British Columbia and London, England. Their anonymous location-based mobile insights help the telecoms and mobile industry improve network coverage, quality of service and related investment decisions. Tutela also offers mobile app developers a new revenue stream through their partner programme which aims to reduce the number of advertisements in apps by offering developers an alternative source of revenue.


Tutela aggregates performance and usage data from over 250 million mobile devices across the globe by running in the background of over 3,000 third party mobile applications where the user has agreed to provide data. The data is then held by Tutela securely on a cloud-based database and analytics platform. Insights include comparisons of mobile carriers, mobile usage trends, comparisons of mobile device types as well as detailed technical network performance statistics. Data is processed and published via a web-based dashboard and through reports, delivering insights which enable mobile companies to spot gaps, improve mobile internet services and identify opportunities to invest to improve the quality of the mobile internet.


Tutela does not collect any personal information or unique device data. This protects the device owner’s privacy, and ensures compliance with data protection and privacy laws such as the EU GDPR and COPPA.



For press briefings and media enquiries, please contact press@tutela.com